Welcome to Squigl Scholarships

Please fill out and submit the application below to apply for USquigl. Faculty, students, and institutions are welcome to submit applications on behalf of themselves or their faculty and students. inquiries by institutions are welcome.

About USquigl

USquigl is an educational fund provided by Squigl, LLC. to encourage the adoption of Squigl in the classroom. A professor or student submit their best Squigl video through the application posted on this web address. The USquigl Scholarship Committee will choose the winning Squigl Video and award the scholarship to the winning professor/student team based on the following criteria:

  1. Script effectiveness in communicating the message
  2. Choice of voice over
  3. Choice of glyphs
  4. Inclusion of other imagery
  5. Overall quality of the video
  6. Statement of teaching enhancement
  7. Statement of learning enhancement

Squigl, LLC. will award one scholarship per semester/quarter every academic year until it otherwise decides to change the program or cancel it. Squigl, LLC.  may cancel the scholarship at its won discretion and without notice.

U-Squigl Scholarship Submission Form