Curious about how to use Squigl at your Institution?

The use cases below will explain some key areas Squigl will benefit you and your University.


Homework assignment, Student wants to include a video.

Grad Student (TA)

Guest Lecture on new topic with short time to prepare


Has updates to curriculum that need new medium due to outdated courseware


Needs to explain latest "Matching Gift" conditions to interested Alum Donors.

Writes assignment abstract in "Script" prompt for New Video in Squigl.

Loads research abstract text file into Squigl

Copies old curriculum document from legacy materials into New Video script box

Copies website text for Annuities from Alumni Donor page into Script window

Records his voice-over using Squigl and incorporates transition points for real-time presentation

Uploads MP3 of Pre-recorded lecture from previous presentation which matches the research topic at hand.

Toggles IBM-Watson "machine voice" to save time.

Has voice-over recording session and uploads professionally mastered audio file.

customizes Squigl storyboard with his own glyphs, colors, and groups

Accepts default automated storyboard pairing of word-to-image and proceeds

Adds video of himself talking to camera using Squigl's .mp4 consolidation feature

Development officers create customized storyboards per their territories

Adds text to glyph groupings where relevant

Changes background image to Department-Branded logo & typeface

Combines talking-head video with Squigl storyboard

Imports custom background image from University Brand guideline

Places embed link within his presentation slideshow document

Downloads .mp4 and attaches to slide to be used in lecture

Downloads .mp4 and uploads to (LMS of choice) for students to view

Emails embed of video (stable URL) into email campaign for donor follow ups.

Presents final project including 5min Whiteboard Animation, Top Score in the Class

Incorporates Squigl video into seminar, Standing Ovation and secures adjunct position

Receives less questions and better results with new curriculum updates than ever before

Exceeds fundraising goal for Matching Gifts

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