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Read what Dr. Jonathon N Thon from the Harvard Medical School said about the
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Dr Mark Stansbury-O’DonnellSt. Thomas University
The student, rather than being a writer or presenter with paper or powerpoint, essentially became a director. the quality of the videos in general were higher on par than the normal sort of power point presentations and some were actually quite creative in terms of working with their script or finding interesting glyphs to mix with images from the ancient world they were using in it. So I think that kind of creativity was something you wouldn’t find so much in a power point presentation.

That’s the Reason We’ve Brought You Squigl.


Millions of people use Microsoft and Google suites to create and present ideas. Soon,  we will turn their word processing, presentation, and even mail apps, into a video creation platforms. Squigl integration into Office 365 and Google Drive will change how people share ideas.