Automated Whiteboard Animation Software

Raise Attention, Boost Retention

Read what Dr. Jonathon N Thon from the Harvard Medical School said about the
effectiveness of Scribology, the thought engine behind Squigl. Click Here

Students and Faculty

Educators and Students are using our text-to-video software to boost engagement and information retention. Turn your lessons, homework, summaries and responses into video that is effective at transferring knowledge.

Development and Fundraising

Development and Fundraising teams must break through the same inundating wave of overstimulation plaguing our academics as well as survive it themselves.

Philanthropists and donors have limited time to sift through all these messages. Squigl videos are proven to cut to the chase by focusing on the message through the combination of science and art. This results in more positive outcomes for the institution.

That’s the Reason We’ve Brought You Squigl.


Millions of people use Microsoft and Google suites to create and present ideas. Soon,  we will turn their word processing, presentation, and even mail apps, into a video creation platforms. Squigl integration into Office 365 and Google Drive will change how people share ideas.